About Advance TPS (Advance Turning Point System)

I have been trading for past 30 years in stocks, forex, commodities and futures derivatives.

Turn into full time SGX (Singapore Derivative Exchange) Trading Members since 2006. My best achievement was May-2013 to May-2014 for +767%. I thought that was the highest I can achieve and proven wrong. In the year 2015 I had a record break through +773% just for Jan15 and +2,938% for just two months (Jan15 and Feb15)!

Turning Point System (TPS) is a system I have developed over past 10 years of full time trading. I have been using it and continue to use it to achieve consistent trading result. My peer traders have been approaching me for the secret of using Advance TPS. So I decided to do a bit coaching on Index (HSI & DAX) to benefit the trading community.

More detail at http://AdvanceTPS.blogspot.com/